Buontalenti® Custard Gelato

In 1565, Bernardo Buontalenti, on the occasion of the visit of the Spanish ambassador to the court of the Medici Family in Florence, prepared an innovative frozen dessert: the custard Gelato. 

In 1979 the Badiani Confectionery in Florence reinterpreted the famous recipe with milk, cream, sugar and egg yolk: few ingredients, to go back to the authentic and original taste of the first Gelato in the world.

GelatoMadre Buontalenti Original Recipe: only 100% Italian natural ingredients for a unique Gelato.

The authentic taste of a real traditional Gelato made only with few and simple natural ingredients

1 Cream
2 Italian High Quality fresh whole milk
3 Sugar
4 Skimmed milk powder
5 Egg Yolk (from free range eggs)