With Extra dark Chocolate Carenero Superior from Venezuela

Since 1796, Majani has produced high-quality chocolate, following every stage of the production with special care to give its chocolate a unique and extraordinary aroma.  

The Carenero Superior cocoa from Venezuela is a kind of cocoa with nuances of dried fruit and spices: the perfect base for our Chocolate flavoured GelatoMadre.

GelatoMadre Cioccolato Fondente Extra Majani with Carenero Superior from Venezuela: only 100% Italian natural ingredients for a unique Gelato going back to the origin of taste.

The authentic taste of a real traditional Gelato made only with few and simple natural ingredients.

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1 Italian High Quality fresh whole milk 
2 Cream
3 Sugar
4 Extra dark chocolate 10% (with min. 85% of “Carenero Superior cocoa from Venezuela”)
5 Low fat cocoa